React Interview Checklist: What to Do Before Your Big Day

Jan 8, 2023

React ranks first in every list for the most used and popular front-end library, thus making it very stressful for a job-seeker to prepare for the technical interview when applying for a React developer position as the competition out there is really high. It is even more nerve-racking knowing that employers will not simply settle on any other candidate that rings their doorbell. In this article, we’ll check all the boxes that will help you prepare and feel confident on the big day.

Brush up on the fundamentals

First up, you should go over the fundamentals of React. Refresh your memory on the concept of components from how they work to how to build one. The key features to cover on are syntax, lifecycle methods, JSX, state and props. The better your grasp of these concepts the better your performance during the interview will be.

Review React coding challenges

It is good practice to review common React coding challenges that may be asked during the interview process. This goes from implementing simple components, such as form or a table, to more complex tasks such as managing state and working with APIs. The more you practise these challenges, the better you will be able to apply your React knowledge in real-world situations.

Get familiar with the interview format

Doing your research on what type of interview you will be taking is also key, it is worth finding out whether the interview will be conducted in person or remotely as this will change how you approach the whole process. Familiarise yourself with what type of coding challenges you will be asked to face and if there will be any other tests. Most of your confidence will come from knowing the format of the interview.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice makes perfect and you sure will need a lot if you are planning to master that upcoming interview. The best thing to do is to work on real-world projects. This will refine your React skills and help you build a portfolio of work that you can use to impress potential employers.

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